Suzanne McClelland

B. 1959 Suzanne McClelland earned her BFA at the University of Michigan in 1981; moving to New York, she received an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in 1989. Her first one-person exhibition was with Stephanie Theodore Gallery (1992). She quickly received national attention after her inclusion in the Whitney Museum of American Art's Biennial Exhibition (1993) and a site-specific installation for the Whitney's Philip Morris branch.

McClelland wrote in her journal for a number of years before exhibiting, and a sense of writing pervades her style, which explores the relationship between the appearance of words and their meaning. As a result, McClelland's work can be "read" on many levels. Her splashes, scrawls, and thick blobs of paint or clay allude to the energetic strokes of Jackson Pollock or Willem de Kooning, while her obsessive repetition of a single word creates a highly personal poetry about the shifting, often elusive nature of meaning.


Hunk, 2005
Intaglio in 2 colors with drypoint and sugar lift

Stud, 2005
Intaglio in 2 colors

Sugar Daddy, 2005
Intaglio in 3 colors with dry point, line etching, sugar lift, spitbite,


Mammamay i, 2003
Intaglio in 6 colors with lithography and collage


Annunciation, 2001
Pigmented inkjet

Mr. Man, 2001
Intaglio in 2 colors


Momentum (Red Rover), 2000
Intaglio scroll in 1 color in a red lacquer box

Or (Red Rover), 2000
Intaglio in 1 color


Just Relax (Studio Pictures), 1999
Set of 8 photogravures in 1 color each


Zig Zag, 1998
Intaglio in 5 colors


3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 1996
Set of four lithographs with silkscreen

Tea Leaves, 1996
Lithograph and silk screen in 4 colors with collage


Then, 1993
Lithograph in 7 colors with silkscreen