Photo Archive


Larry Rivers and Frank O'Hara collaborating on Stones. Photograph by Hans Namuth.


Printer Robert Blackburn worked at ULAE From 1957 to 1962. Photograph by Hans Namuth.


Jasper Johns working on page 8 from his print portfolio 0-9 .

Fritz Glarner, working on Color Drawing for Relational Painting. Photograph by Hans Namuth.


Lee Bontecou working on Sixth Stone. Photograph by Hans Namuth.

Helen Frankenthaler working on Sky Frame and Solarium, with printers Donn Steward and Zigmunds Priede. The edition of Lee Bontecou's Sixth Stone I hangs in the background. Photograph by Hans Namuth.


Tatyana Grosman's husband Maurice Grosman assisting Ben Berns in printing Robert Motherwell's Leonardo's Wall.

James Rosenquist looking at a proof of the "GE logo" for Circles of Confusion I.


Jasper Johns and printer Ben Berns working on Two Maps I. Photograph by Ugo Mulas.


Printer Fred Genis, master printer of lithography at ULAE for several years. Photograph by Hans Namuth.

Artist Ed Schlossberg with Tatyana Grosman working on his portfolio WORDS WORDS WORDS. Mrs. Grosman is holding the page In The Shadow.


Barnett Newman with Tatyana Grosman and printer Donn Steward working on Untitled Etching #1. The etching studio was downstairs from Maurice Grosman's studio (he was an artist in his own right), an edition that was built onto the house in 1967.

Tony Towle, poet and ULAE administrator, and Lee Bontecou signing their collaborative portfolio Fifth Stone, Sixth Stone. Photograph by Hans Namuth.

Barnett and Annalee Newman having lunch in the yard at Skidmore place. The artist dedicated his lithographic portfolio 18 Cantos to his wife, Annalee.


Tatyana Grosman examining a sheet of hand-made India paper. This unusual paper was used for Jasper John's Flags and Targets.

Robert Rauschenberg with Lucy Softy, ULAE's bookkeeper at this time.

Robert Motherwell reading Rafael Alberti while working on A La Pintura, the portfolio is a collaboration between the American artist and Spanish poet. Photograph by Hans Namuth.

Robert Motherwell with Tatyana Grosman.

Robert Rauschenberg working on photosensitive stones which resulted in Tides, Drifts, and Gulf as well as three smaller works. Photograph by Hans Namuth.


Printer Zigmunds Priede looking at litho stones with Tatyana Grosman. Photograph by Hans Namuth.

Larry Rivers, Terry Southern and his son, Nile, Tatyana Grosman, and Marisol looking at early proofs of the Rivers/Southern collaboration, The Donkey and the Darling. Photograph by Hans Namuth.

Larry Rivers with printer Fred Akers.

Marisol beginning her work on the print Catalpa Maiden Touching Herself.


Tatyana Grosman, printer Ben Berns, and John Coplans, then editor of Art Forum, looking at Fritz Glarner's lithographic portfolio, Recollection.

Tatyana and Maurice Grosman in the yard at Skidmore Place.

Robert Motherwell signing A La Pintura with Tatyana Grosman, printer Donn Steward and John McKendry (Curator of Prints & Photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) looking on. Photograph by Renate Ponsold.

Helen Frankenthaler and Tatyana Grosman.

Tatyana Grosman and Edith Janicke, her curatorial assistant for a short time, in 1971.


Helen Frankenthaler and Bill Goldston working on Venice II.

Helen Frankenthaler looking at proofs of East and Beyond with Tatyana Grosman and printer Juda Rosenberg at Skidmore Place.


Printers Bill Goldston, John Lund and James V. Smith with Jasper Johns and proofs of his print Cup 2 Picasso. Photograph by Hans Namuth.

Tatyana Grosman with John McKendry after receiving her honorary doctorate from Smith College in 1973.


Claes Oldenburg working on Teapot at the Skidmore studio in 1975. This is Oldenburg's only edition with ULAE. Photograph by Roxanne Everett.

R. Buckminster Fuller and John Lund working on Fuller's Tetrascroll. Photograph by Edward Oleksak.

Tatyana Grosman and Micki (Mildred C.) Lee, a friend and ULAE's representative in the Boston area, under the Catalpa tree in the yard at Skidmore Place.


Tatyana Grosman and Jasper Johns during the printing of Corpse and Mirror. Photograph by Iris Schneider.

Bill Goldston, Tatyana Grosman, Juda Rosenberg, Jasper Johns, and James V. Smith in front of the Union Avenue shop, where ULAE editioned from 1970-2002. Photograph by Hans Namuth.


Alexander Liberman working on a stone for the portfolio Nostalgia for the Present with poems by Russian poet Andrei Voznesensky. At a party in 1976 Mrs. Grosman had invited both Liberman and Voznesensky to collaborate on a book at ULAE.

Tatyana Grosman watches Andrei Voznesensky work on his lithograph Darkness Mother, Darkness Mother. Photograph by Bob Petersen.

Russian poet Andrei Voznesensky, printer Bill Goldston, and artist Robert Rauschenberg. Tatyana Grosman invited Voznesensky to the studio in West Islip in 1977 for a collaboration with Rauschenberg, when the two met they began to work immediately.


Tatyana Grosman, Tony Towle, Christian Gheelhaar, and James V. Smith. Geelhaar was visiting ULAE to research his book Jasper Johns: Working Proofs, published in 1979.

Trisha Garlock, from the World Print Council, with Tatyana Grosman looking at Jasper Johns' 1977 Untitled.

Printers John Lund, Craig Zamiello and H. Glenn Lee.

Tatyana Grosman and collector John Powers. Robert Rauschenberg's Shades sits on a stand behind them and a proof of Jim Dine's Double Apple Palette with Gingham hangs on the wall.

Tatyana Grosman and Dr. E. Maurice Bloch at the Words and Images opening at UCLA. The cover of Stones is in the case in the foreground. All the books and portfolios published by ULAE up to that time were exhibited.


Tatyana Grosman and the Fearer family, (Joe, Eunice and daughter Jane (Mrs. Morley Safer) long time collectors and dear friends, on Januray 17th, 1981.

Skidmore Place: Antoinette (Mrs. Grosman's aide), Bill Goldston, Tatyana Grosman, Craig Zamiello, Donna Stein, Tony Towle, Bob Voigt (ULAE's cook), John Lund, Tom Cox, James V. Smith, H. Glenn Lee, Keith Brintzenhofe.


Robert Rauschenberg handing Bill Goldston a plaque of his lithograph Tanya at Tatyana Grosman's memorial.

Robert Rauschenberg and printer John Lund at Tatyana Grosman's memorial.


Susan Rothenberg, one of the first artists Bill Goldston invited to ULAE after Tatyana Grosman's death, during one of her first visits.


Carroll Dunham with printer Keith Brintzenhofe working on Dunham's first portfolio, Red Shift, at ULAE's Watts Street Studio in Manhattan, NY.

Printer Doug Volle at the press.


Elizabeth Murray working on Up Dog and Down Dog. Photograph by Lorena Salcedo-Watson.


Terry Winters and printer Keith Brintzenhofe working on Section.


John Lund working on Kiki Smith's Puppet.

Kiki Smith drawing on a copper plate for Sueno. Photograph by Jo Fielder.


Elizabeth Murray working her mezzotint over monotype, Lovers. Photograph by Lorena Salcedo-Watson.


Julian Lethbridge working with Doug Volle.

Bill Jensen working on Lurisia. Photograph by Craig Zammiello.

Jane Hammond working on The Wonderfulness of Downtown with Bill Goldston. Photograph by Jo Fielder.

Suzanne McClelland signing Tea Leaves.


Poet Mei Mei Berssenbrugge and artist Kiki Smith working on Endocrinology, a collaboration. Photograph by Maggie Trakas.

Poet Mei Mei Berssenbrugge working on Endocrinology, a collaboration with Kiki Smith. Photograph by Craig Zammiello.


Cecily Brown working with printer Doug Bennett.


Frank D'Agostino, ULAE's handler and technical advisor in the shop.

Kiki Smith drawing for Born, a proof of which hangs in the background. Photograph by Maggie Trakas.


Printer Lorena Salcedo-Watson working on Elizabeth Murray's Jazz. Printers Bruce Wankel and Doug Volle print in the background.


Richard Tuttle with his series Light On Water.

Printers Bruce Wankel and Doug Volle working on Kiki Smith's Born.

Printer Brian Berry.

Printer Bruce Wankel working on Kiki Smith's Out of the Woods.

Robert Rauschenberg's Ford at ULAE's 45th Anniversary party.


Orly Genger during her first visit to ULAE. Genger was introduced to the print shop by Larissa Goldston.


Joey Kotting in 2004 working on his monotypes with printer Doug Bennett.


Bill Goldston, Jason Miller, and James Siena looking at his print Tanagra .


Lisa Yuskavage working on Forces. Photograph by Steve Schapiro

The Skidmore Place studio today during the making of Lisa Yuskavage's Forces.

The studio today in Bay Shore, NY.


Jim Dine in the yard at Skidmore Place.

Printer Donn Steward in the yard at Skidmore Place.


R. Buckminster Fuller and Tatyana Grosman. Photograph by Edward Oleksak.


Craig Zammiello working on Kiki Smith's Sueno.